AIRE Club x Innovation Leaders Club: About innovation in robotics and AI, examples by Fyma and Thermory

23 March / Sille Võsaste

AIRE Club #3 was organized in collaboration with the Innovation Leaders Club and Tartu Science Park. The event took place in SPARK Demo at Tartu. Two Estonian companies – Fyma and Thermory – spoke about using robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) in their everyday work.

The members of the two clubs were greeted by Kirke Maar, the Project Manager of AIRE (AI & Robotics Estonia) and Martin Goroško, the Business Service Manager at Tehnopol Science and Business Park. Last year, Tartu City Government also joined the Innovation Leader’s Club and thus Mayor Urmas Klaas also greeted the listeners. Martin Goroško gave a brief overview of Tehnopol’s AI development programme that was launched last week.


Startup Fyma (For Your Motion Analytics) spoke about how to use AI solutions to make the city smarter. Fyma uses technology to determine patterns, gather and store data. Based on the gathered data, companies that buy Fyma’s service, can make smart decisions.

Using AI can create a lot of questions. For example, does AI go against the General Data Protection Regulation requirements? Fyma has taught their AI not to identify faces and this is in accordance with GDPR.


Thermory makes products out of thermowood and they also use AI solutions. Today, they have eight factories in Northern Europe and three sawmills, their production units are equipped with modern technology. Thermory is the leading thermowood producer in the world.

According to the representative of Thermory, their biggest challenges have been related to human resources – how to produce more with the people they already have? This is where smart AI solutions can be of great help. Thermory’s experience has shown that it is very wise to use AI and robotics in those production lines that are physically the most challenging and require a lot of motorized work.

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See event gallery HERE. Photos by: Brait Pilvik