Season finale: Innovation Capacity of Nordic companies – best practices

SEB Innovation Centre
The main idea of the event is to give an overview of Estonia’s position in the Global Innovation Index, including insights from the ministry regarding investments into innovation and next steps to support economic growth. The event will be opened by Mart Võrklaev, who is the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Estonia.

During the event we have two leading-companies from Nordic area, who will open up and give practical input about their path to innovation. The keynote speakers of the event are Christian Svensson who is the global innovation director at Autoliv and Meelis Migur who is the IT Manager / Business Partner @ Rimi Baltic Group.

12.30-13.00 Registration and snacks
13.00-13.20 "The role of current government on financing innovation - economy, financial policy inc. capital markets" - Mart Võrklaev (Minister of Finance)
13.20-13.40 Innovation Leaders Club overview - Estonian Innovation Index by Siim Lepisk (Innovation Leader's Club, Steering Committee member/NetGroup Innovation Manager)
13.40-14.35 Autoliv best practice by Christian Svensson - Autoliv Global Innovation Director
14.35-14.55 Rimi’s agile transformation and open innovation platform – getting closer to the customers and increase speed - Meelis Migur, IT Manager / Business Partner @ Rimi Eesti Food
14.55-15.10 Coffee Break
15.10-15.55 Discussion about innovation strategies that give your company the competitive advantage.
Moderated by Helen Sulg - Head of Development and Partnership (Environmental Investment Centre)
- Christian Svensson (Autoliv)
- Meelis Migur (Rimi Eesti Food)
- Linda Marie Ormus (Tele2 Eesti AS)

15.55-16.30 Networking and snacks

Rimi Eesti Food is one of the largest retailers in Estonia. It operates four chains that are favorite among customers – Rimi Hyper, Rimi Super, Rimi Mini and Rimi Express. Since 2020 Rimi also has an e-store in all three Baltic Countries. The company employs over 12000 people across the Baltics. Rimi Baltics supports open innovationa and over the next 3 years, Rimi Baltic plans to provide financing of at least EUR 1 million for innovative co-projects that build on the strengths and transform core business as well as develop pilot projects with Baltic and European innovators and start-ups. Rimi aims to evaluate at least 60 quality start-up company applications per year and achieve 5 operational PoC`s and pilots. The open innovation platform on Rimi's side will be overseen by the Rimi Baltic Future Business Board, which consists of management team members and industry experts. As part of the process, startups will have a regular chance to pitch their products and services to the Rimi Baltic Future Business Board to potentially arrive at an arrangement that benefits all parties involved - Rimi, the startup, and the shoppers.

This event is open for Innovation Leaders Club Members, other innovative companies and individuals.