Canadian Innovation Leader’s Club x Innovation Leaders Club Estonia: Innovation Strategies on an international scale

SEB Innovation Centre - IV floor

Innovation Leaders Club Estonia is organising a seminar in cooperation with the Canada Innovation Leaders Club & their CEO Dave Caissy on innovation strategies. The event aims to:
• Educate on the methodology used to develop an innovation strategy.
• Share what other organizations are currently doing on the matter
• Quick start the development of your organization’s innovation strategy

This half-day club meeting/workshop will allow managers to establish clear strategic innovation orientations. In addition, an overview of the North American Innovation Leaders Club members shared best practices and the proficiency of all members will be provided.

During the event, we will have a gripping panel discussion, together with the Canada Innovation Leaders Club & our newest Innovation Leaders Club members, the Top Innovators Programme (TIP) graduates. The main focus of the panel is introducing the journey of creating & implementing the innovation strategy throughout the TIP program process & steps taken after it and exchanging the innovation strategy practices of Estonian & Nort American companies.

12.30-13.00 Registration & snacks
13.00-13.05 Opening remarks
13.05-13.10 Introduction to Canada Innovation Leaders Club – History, goals, members by Dave Caissy (Canada, New York City, and Paris Innovation Leaders Club founder).
13.10-13.55 Build an Innovation Strategy - Identify and Select strategic arenas
13.55-14.25 WORKSHOP 1: Identify and Select strategic arenas
14.25-14.35 Break
14.35-14.50 Build an Innovation Strategy – Plan an innovation programme
14.50-15.15 Panel discussion about innovation project management & innovation strategies.
Moderator: Heidi Kakko (Chairman Of The Supervisory Board of UniTartu Ventures, member of the Research and Development Council);
Participants: Dave Caissy (Canada, New York City, and Paris Innovation Leaders Club founder); TIP programme graduate representative – Laura Klemmer (Mobire Head of Commercial)

14.15-15.30 WORKSHOP 2: Build an Innovation Strategy - Plan an innovation programme
15.30-15.35 Final remarks
15.35-16.10 Networking

Innovation Leaders Club Canada Ever since 2013, the Innovation Leaders Club has aimed to bring together the most influential and seasoned innovation professionals in an intimate way. All have an impressive record regarding innovation management. Because of this, the quality of the participants, peer exchanges, and activities have been greatly appreciated during our previous Club meetings. The main subject to be discussed in the Club will be the current challenges faced by innovation managers. The best practices associated with these challenges will be presented along with tools, real-life stories, and concrete examples of solutions. Already a success with highly innovative American, Canadian, and European organizations, this exclusive club brings together influential innovation leaders with a view to sharing knowledge and best practices. Hosted by a world-renowned innovation expert, the Innovation Leaders Club is also a private forum (20 to 30 people) that allows innovation leaders to discuss their role within their respective organizations and learn from their peers.

Dave Caissy, Eng., M.Eng., NPDP, PMP, CPM, CPMM (Founder of the Innovation Leaders Club in USA, Canada and France) - advises international organizations on how to improve their innovation management performance level through the implementation of effective business processes and strategies. Over the past 27 years, Dave has earned a solid reputation in the industry, in addition to teaching at several graduate institutions in North America and in Europe. His listening skills and his ability to influence innovation-related organizational changes have earned him numerous recommendations from his clients. An international expert in innovation leadership, Dave is a popular speaker in many countries and is often quoted in the media.

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Top Innovators Programme - The TIP program is an enterprise development program launched by Enterprise Estonia, focusing on increasing the company's innovation capacity. The companies participating in the TIP programme in the course of 8 months will complete intensive training sprints and mentoring. In the course of the programme, companies create their own innovation strategy, test new business models and build their own in-house innovation management system.