Innovation Leaders Club

For visionaries inspired by innovation!

The Innovation Leaders Club is a community whose joint activities pave the way for innovative future solutions that put Estonian companies at the forefront of innovation in the world.

The trump card of the joint events is practical content, during which new innovation trends and tools are introduced, skills are exchanged to solve innovation-related challenges, contacts are established both with each other and with start-ups, and cooperation agreements are concluded.

The ultimate goal of all activities is to achieve real cooperation, which Tehnopol helps to implement through personal mentoring.

Joining the club provides

New knowledge

We help your organization initiate innovation activities and programs, conduct personal consultations with participants, support club-based knowledge transfer, apply global best practices, and use practitioners in your field as mentors.

Vigorous Co-creation

We map your organisation's innovation challenges and opportunities and match you with a partner company for launching joint pilot projects. All projects are supported by our world- class mentors.

Community and contact network

We consider the mutual exchange of ideas important in the implementation of various innovation projects. Therefore, the Innovation Leaders Club offers new and useful contacts with like-minded people, from whom the first online community of innovation leaders in Estonia will be created.