The Supervisory Board

The club’s supervisory board is elected for a two-year term through a public competition among representatives of the club’s member organisations. The current board took started work in early March 2024.

The board’s task is to set ambitious goals for the club’s development, help shape the content of club events and activities, develop the club’s international cooperation and network, and assess the impact of the club’s activities and the value it creates.

In 2024, the focus of the Innovation Leaders Club’s supervisory board is on the development, implementation, and marketing of the Innotrepp tool, updating the club’s value proposition, measuring its realisation, and gathering feedback.


Anu Ruul, EBS, innovation process trainer and lecturer

Jürgo Preden, Thinnect, founder and CEO

Inge Laas, EAS, head of Innovation Department

Lauri Antalainen, Digiwise, co-founder, lead consultant


Andi Hektor, GScan, co-founder and CSO


Mart Maasik, UniTartu Ventures, investment director

Erik Reinhold, SA Pärnumaa Arenduskeskus, board member