19. June 2024 13:00

Season finale: Partnering with Corporates for Global Expansion – Case Studies from the Nordics

SEB Innovation Centre

Join us on June 19th for an insightful event designed to empower businesses through strategic partnerships with corporates.

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27. March 2024 13:00

Äri ja teadus – samalt või eri planeetidelt?

TalTech Ehituse Mäemaja

Innovatsiooniliidrite klubi seekordne üritus viib kokku teaduse ja äri ning aitab kummutada müüte, et teaduse integreerimine äritegevusse on ettevõtjale midagi väga keerulist, bürokraatlikku ja elitaarset ning sobib üksnes süvateadusega tegelejatele. Tutvustame Eesti Teadusagentuuri (ETAG) poolt pakutavaid lahendusi, kuidas teadust enda äri kasuks rakendada ning uurime, milliseid rahastusvõimalusi on olemas innovaatilistele ettevõtetele. Oma kogemuslugusid jagavad uuendusmeelsed ettevõtted R8Technologies, Kerogen, GScan ning Krediidiregister.

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20. February 2024 14:00

Empowering Business with AI: Learning from Dynatrace


AI has been a popular buzzword for a while now. There are companies that are aggressively experimenting with AI and seeking new opportunities that it unlocks. Meanwhile, there are also companies that stand aside and hesitate a bit. Is there a right option, and if it is right for everyone, let's meet up and see.

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23. November 2023 11:00

SCALE-ABLE Kick-off Seminar: How to Unlock Scaleup-Corporate Collaboration Potential?

SCALE-ABLE project invites you to join us in our informative kick-off Seminar to gather information about the project & give an overview of what's going to happen next. 10 AM to 11.30 AM CET11 AM to 12.30 PM EET

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26. October 2023 13:00

Canadian Innovation Leader’s Club x Innovation Leaders Club Estonia: Innovation Strategies on an international scale

SEB Innovation Centre - IV floor

Innovation Leaders Club Estonia is organising a seminar in cooperation with the Canada Innovation Leaders Club & their CEO Dave Caissy on innovation strategies. The event aims to:• Educate on the methodology used to develop an innovation strategy.• Share what other organizations are currently doing on the matter• Quick start the development of your organization’s innovation strategy

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17. December 2020 14:00

How to Design Innovation Funnel and Strategy


With the Innovation Leaders Club's third insightful event, we keep the exciting journey progressing and the community growing! This time we meet virtually, but still in an interactive and practical way. The upcoming deep dive session focuses on creating an actionable innovation strategy. Together we will explore the best practices of translating strategic goals into an innovation funnel, which encourages internal and external innovative minds to contribute and co-create. How to build up a pipeline, maintain a steady stream of innovative ideas in your company, manage expectations, celebrate success, and deal with challenges while creating the foundation of sustainable innovation function – all of these questions will be answered during our next event.

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29. October 2020 14:00

Innovation Culture at Organisations

Milrem Robotics

Dear Innovation Leader

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26. August 2020 14:00

Long-awaited opening event of the Innovation Leaders Club

Akadeemia tee 21/1, Venus auditorium, Science and business park Tehnopol

Science and business park Tehnopol along with SEB are excited to invite you to the grand opening of the Innovation Leaders Club, which connects an awesome community of innovation leaders and startups in Estonia.

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