Long-awaited opening event of the Innovation Leaders Club

Akadeemia tee 21/1, Venus auditorium, Science and business park Tehnopol

Science and business park Tehnopol along with SEB are excited to invite you to the grand opening of the Innovation Leaders Club, which connects an awesome community of innovation leaders and startups in Estonia.

The opening event brings you the best practice of corporate innovation leadership, shares new innovation insights and tools along with useful networking opportunities.

All corporates, public sector innovators and startups are welcome!

If you feel ill, then please do not attend the event!

1.30 PM Registration and coffee, networking
2 PM Grand opening – Martin Goroško (Tehnopol) and Mart Maasik (SEB)
2.15 PM Nordic Corporate Session: New trends, methodologies and tools
in Corporate Innovation.

Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Result (online) and Jeff Abbott, founder of Global Scaling Academy (online) – moderated by Mart Maasik (SEB)
3 PM Samuli Savo, CDO of Stora Enso (online):
What Modern Innovation Looks Like in Stora Enso
3.30 PM Coffee and networking
4.15 PM Startup Session: How to Manage and What to Learn from
Startup-Corporate Cooperation?

Lauri Ilison, Chief Feeling Architect at Feelingstream and Kristjan Jansons, CEO of MindTitan – moderated by Martin Goroško (Tehnopol)
5 PM Wrap-up, coffee and networking

Get to know our speakers:
Lauri Ilison, Chief Feeling Architect at Feelingstream
Lauri can be called a Chief Feeling Architect at Feelingstream. Using AI, he helps companies create sales leads from customer communication by monitoring and analysing every call, email, chat conversation or online request. All this for stellar customer experience management.

Kristjan Jansons, CEO of MindTitan
Kristjan has a combo of skills and interests in robotics, machine learning, computer vision and data science. Today he leads a team at MindTitan, building various machine learning applications ranging from object detection to natural language processing to reinforcement learning.

Samuli Savo, CDO of Stora Enso
Samuli is a business executive and a strategist who provides thought leadership in digital business strategies, innovation management and organisational transformation. Currently he is the Chief Digital Officer for Stora Enso, driving and enabling Stora Enso’s digital agenda globally. He leads the Digitalization and New Services business development unit and manages group level funding for digital experimentation.

Mahesh Kumar, CEO of Result
Mahesh is an entrepreneur, author and digital nerd. Today he is the CEO at Result. He has created five ventures to date with two successful exits and one failure. One of his active ventures is Epicenter, which is the largest innovation house in Northern Europe. For the last five years he has been working as an advisory and partner to management teams in large corporations, creating programs to unleash intrapreneurs, find partners, run pilots and scale them.

Jeff Abbott, founder of Global Scaling Academy
Jeff is a corporate innovator, entrepreneur and investor who has worked internationally at the intersection of the corporate and startup worlds for the past 25 years. His passion lies in building a boundary-less global ecosystem that enables the next generation of world-changing companies to scale from anywhere. His latest venture is the Global Scaling Academy, co-founded with co-author Chris Yeh, along with Reid Hoffman of Blitzscaling – a book that makes a deep dive into scaling and collaboration, explaining how to build world-changing companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and Airbnb in record time.

See you at the Innovation leaders club!
The opening event is financed by the European Regional
Development Fund according to the program Startup Estonia (EU50651)