About the Innovation Leaders Club

The Innovation Leaders Club is a community whose joint activities, innovation cooperation and close exchange of ideas pave the way for innovative future solutions that put Estonian companies at the forefront of innovation in the world. By supporting the transfer of innovation to entrepreneurship, we contribute to ensuring Estonia’s economic growth and sustainability. The Innovation Leaders Club is part of Tehnopol’s innovation service and is created in cooperation with SEB Innovation Center.

The most active innovation leaders in Estonia work together in the club, and based on their experience, the entire local network is growing stronger. The trump card of the joint events is the special practical content, during which new innovation trends and tools are introduced, skills are exchanged to solve innovation-related challenges, contacts are established both with each other and with startups, and cooperation agreements are concluded.

Based on the knowledge shared in the club, a kind of handbook will be prepared, with the help of which it will be easier to implement innovations in Estonian growth and large companies.

The club continues the efforts of the Level11 Innovation Leaders Club, which gathered in 2017-2019, to make conscious and purposeful innovation a part of entrepreneurship. Communicate, get excited, share and find a partner! The goal of all the activities of the Innovation Leaders Club is to achieve real cooperation between companies, which Tehnopol helps to implement with the help of personal mentoring.

As a club member

  • you are part of a growing innovation community in Estonia
  • you communicate with Estonian innovation leaders
  • you raise your awareness of the processes, tools, and trends that promote innovation
  • you learn from other leaders and allow them to learn from you
  • get some inspiring events
  • you can talk to vigilant startups and other large companies across sectors
  • you have the support of the Tehnopol Science and Business Park and the SEB Innovation Center