Kadi Villers

Corporations' Innovation Manager, Tehnopol

Helene-Terese Jürgenson

Corporate Services Manager, Tehnopol

Martin Goroško

Business Service Manager, Tehnopol

Riin Lepp

Marketing Project Manager, Tehnopol

Anette Ustal

Head of Innovation Centre, SEB

Tehnopol Science and Business Park and the SEB Innovation Center are behind the
establishment of the Innovation Leaders Club. There has been a need for meaningful and
inspiring meetings for many years.

This is how Tehnopol and BDA Consulting founded the Innovation Leaders Club under the
Level11 brand three years ago in a joint project. At the end of the project, it became clear
that this need was permanent. Tehnopol and SEB Innovation Center then worked together
to reestablish a club uniting innovation visionaries under the name of the Innovation
Leaders Club.

The aim of Tehnopol, the largest science and business park in the Baltics, is to contribute to
the emergence and growth of world-class technology companies in Estonia and to support
their expansion into foreign markets. To this end, a comprehensive solution is offered from
commercial real estate to needs-based business development services in three focus areas:
smart city, green technology, and health technology. Tehnopol’s innovation services help
Estonian companies stay several steps ahead of their competitors.

Designed to invent new products, services and solutions, the innovation program is based
on more than 16 years of business development experience. Tehnopol’s strength is its ability
to bring together and successfully employ the public sector, researchers, and the private
sector. Effective cooperation between startups and large corporations, innovation audits,
hackathons, and development sprints have helped important large companies to implement
and change their culture.

The main goal of SEB Innovation Center is to help companies develop business and increase
competitiveness, thereby promoting faster economic growth in Estonia. Seminars and
workshops are organized to help people take a step forward. The core of the Innovation
Center is a special growth program that helps companies develop their business in three to
six months by digitizing the business model. To date, more than 100 Estonian companies
have completed the growth program. SEB’s goal is to bring proven working methods to
traditional companies in the world of startups and to implement innovations in business
several times faster than now.