Empowering Business with AI: Learning from Dynatrace


AI has been a popular buzzword for a while now. There are companies that are aggressively experimenting with AI and seeking new opportunities that it unlocks. Meanwhile, there are also companies that stand aside and hesitate a bit. Is there a right option, and if it is right for everyone, let's meet up and see.

Agenda for the AI Empowered Innovations Leaders Club meeting

Corporate AI Today: A Panoramic View
Otto Mättas, a distinguished AI Architect, Evangelist, and Mentor at Tehnopol and Artifig
Otto will provide an insightful overview of the current AI landscape. Delve into the latest trends, tackle the main challenges, and explore the key technologies steering today's corporate AI innovations.

Dynatrace Unveiled: Beyond the Basics
Kristian Sägi, the visionary Lab Lead and Director of Software Development
Learn what sets Dynatrace apart in the R&D world and discover how Dynatrace's R&D Lab in Estonia is pioneering AI to ensure software scalability, availability, and security amidst growing cloud complexity. Hans Lõugas and Vikas Tawniya, esteemed members of the Dynatrace team, will share insights into how their AI-powered platform is addressing critical challenges for organizations worldwide.

Panel Discussion: Mastering AI Project Implementation
Embark on a guided journey to launching successful AI projects. This session is dedicated to helping businesses establish a solid foundation for their AI ventures, from setting clear objectives to aligning AI use cases with strategic goals. Discover the synergy of AI expertise and domain knowledge, effective project management strategies, and measuring success to ensure impactful outcomes.

On top, we will address your specific AI-related questions that you have sent us upon registration to this event so that you will have at least one answer among those still hundreds of questions!

The day concludes with a cocktail and networking session at our exclusive rooftop bar, offering a unique opportunity to connect with peers and thought leaders in a relaxed, inspiring setting. If you are up to steamy discussions, then we have opened rooftop sauna for you.

Reserve your place among innovation pioneers. Deep dive into the realm of AI and emerge equipped to steer your organization towards a future defined by intelligent, strategic growth.

We are proud to announce that the visual as well as text have been created in close cooperation with our dear AI friend, Barbara!