Innovation Strategies and Competitive Advantage talks by Global Innovation Expert

SEB Pank

Innovation Leaders Club is organizing a seminar with Global expert on innovation strategies and the CEO of Business Model Inc Partick van der Pijl. He will focus on innovation strategies, business models and development (digital models; how to transform from product to service; give case studies and real life examples). During the event we will have a fireside chat moderated by Mart Maasik (UniTartu Ventures) together with Andra Altoa (SEB) and Patrick van der Pijl (Business Model Inc). The main focus of the fireside chat will be on designing innovation culture and how to empower company's innovation performance.

Event moderator is Sander Välk (Head of Innovation at SEB)

9:30-10:00 gathering, snacks and coffee
10:00-11:30 Innovation strategies and competitive advantage by Patrick van der Pijl (CEO of Business Model Inc)
11:30-12:00 Fireside Chat: How to design innovative culture and empower company’s innovation performance?
Moderator: Mart Maasik - UniTartu Ventures investment lead and head of entrepreneurship at Tartu University;

  • Andra Altoa Head of Customer Data and Strategic Transformations at SEB Baltic;

  • Patrick van der Pijl CEO of Business Model Inc.
    12:00-12:30 Networking

Patrick van der Pijl (Business Model Inc CEO) - global business model innovator and innovation strategist. His passion is to create strategic vision, lead ideaprocesses and give real life examples. Patrick has designed 100+ innovation Accelerators and advised multiple companies on creating innovation strategy. References: Hitachi, Ikea. Ing, Jardine Restauran Group, MARS, Medtronic, Mercedes Benz Fiandical Services, Microsoft, Shimano, Cisco, Eyelevel, Geodis, Heineken, BNP Baribas, Paul Hastings, Spar, Philips, Salestorce, Toyota, HermanMiller, NEP, Swiss Sense, ABN Amro, Spotify, Eurofiber, ING Bank, Wrigley, Maribe, Zoku, Van Oord and many more.

This event is only for the Innovation Leaders Club Members